"Who Else Wants To Learn How To Play Scott Storch, Beyonce, Chainsmokers, Alicia Keys Songs In 3 Min And Add Those Chords To Your Beats"

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Fellow Hitmaker:

This is the ONLY Video Piano Course That Will Show You How To Play Hit Songs In Minutes, And Show You Chords You Can Use In Your Beats Fast. You Will Learn How To Play Pop, R&B, Rap Chords That Will Increase Your Musical Ideas, And Force You To Make Beats Like You Have Never Been Able To Make Beats Before. The Videos Are All Broken Down Into Short Segments That Will Allow You To Learn Very Quickly. The HipHop Section Contains A Hit Song Every Producer On The Planet Has Wanted To Play. You Will Have Lots Of Fun Learning These Chords, And Playing Them In Your Beats. You Will Live In The Studio And Be Amazed At How Fast You Are Able To Hear, And Play Chords In Your Beats......

Why Should You Listen To Me?

  • Played all of the chords on "Foreplay" A Song I Produced For Tank, Chris Brown
  • Professional Musician Of Over 20 Years
  • Played all of the chords for beats that has been liscensed on tv/film/video games/nba/toys etc
  • Played all of the loops for loop packs with Luxury Loops.com
  • Was Invited To Work With Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins And Play Chords And Melodies
  • Played Keys On Heineken Commercial
  • Played Keys & Strings In A Major Film Directed By Spike Lee

Why Do You Need Chords In Your Beats?

Having a musical element in your beats is needed to standout and make your beats better regardless of what level you produce.... You'll also stay relevant in the music industry for years. Example: Scott Storch, took years off from making beats for personal reasons, and now has hits on the radio like he never left. He is a musician that plays chords, and is able to adjust his sound to whats current regardless of how long he takes off from making music.....How many beatmakers create a hit and we never heard from them again? With you knowing chords, you will be able to create timeless music....Producers that don't have chords in their beats are limited to clicking, or drawing in melodies hoping to be able to humanize the melody. 

Here's What You'll Discover In The Piano Secrets Video Course

  • Quick & Easy Way To Play Chords In Your Beats Regardless Of What Genre Of Music You Create
  • Simple & Easy Videos Broken Down Into Sections So You Can Pause And Play The Chords Fast
  • Expand Your Melodies In Your Beats
  • Fail Proof Way To Create Your Own Chords
  • How To Play Hit Songs And Use Those Chords In Your Beats
  • Add More Melodies And Chords To Your Beats
  • Finally Be Able To Give Your Beats That Industry Sound
  • How To Create Professional Melodies On Your Own
  • Secret Formula To Create Your Own Chords Effortlessly
  • How To Keep Your Music Relevant For Decades
  • Much More

Here's What Piano Chord Secrets Will Do For You

  • You'll Discover How To Finally Create The Type Of Music That Will Sale So You Can Survive Doing Music Fulltime
  • Once Your Beats Start Selling You Will Be FREE From Worry Of How To Make It In The Music Industry
  • Artists Will Respect You And Never Ask For FREE BEATS
  • Enhance Your Creativity
  • Improve Your Overall Beatmaking
  • Fellow Producers Will Want To Know Your Secret 
  • Finally Be Able To Play Chords And Open Up Other Music Opportunities So You Can Take Care Of Yourself & Your Family
  • You'll Learn How To Literally Put Hit Songs Together
  • Finally Be Respected And Admired By Family And Friends
  • Much More

Here Is A Detailed Breakdown Of The Course

Piano Chord Secrets For Music Producers

Includes Over 100 Simple To Follow Quick Detailed Videos, Broken Down In Right Hand, Left Hand, And Both Hands So You Can Learn And Master Each Set Of Chords 

  • "Piano Chord Secrets": Is Designed To Show You Hit Songs, And Chords That You Can Flip And Use In Your Beats Fast
  • How To Play Pop, R&B, HipHop Chords That Will Make Your Beats Stand Out
  • Secret Practice Routines That Will Help You Play Piano Chords Faster Then Normal
  • Bonus Videos Showing You How To Add Chords To Your Beats 
  • How To Play The Chords To The Hottest Song In The Music Industry Right Now
  • How To Play A Hit Dr. Dre/Snoop Dog Song 
  • How To Play Drake Songs
  • How To Play Hit Piano Chords That You Can Add To Your Beats Instantly 

Piano Secrets Goes Back To Full Price When The Timer Is Done

Original Price $597.00    Your Price: $197.00